End Cash Flow Challenges

     Cash flow delays regularly occur in many types of business environments resulting in constrained working capital availability taking days, weeks, or months to recapture.  Well, that ends now.  Gone are frustrating days of mounting penalties and interest, and missed opportunities.  The InterFlow Factors Cash Flow Strong system will give you the flexibility needed to focus on your core business while taking advantage of available opportunities like, trade and vendor payment discounts, and timely tax remittances.

     Receivable collection delays are not uncommon when providing credit to your worthy customers.  Offering credit is a way for businesses to increase sales and promote positive customer relations.  Although, collection delays routinely present an element of unpredictability hampering decision-making capacity and business growth.  Being Cash Flow Strong recaptures that ability offering agility when making critical decisions affecting your business and those dependent on your business.

     Meeting payroll demands for labor intensive businesses can be challenging, and if not adequately met can result in near-failure events.  Employees are an important resource contributing to the survival of business constructs.  They must be confident of fair and timely compensation.  As a business owner, executive, or finance manager, being Cash Flow Strong eliminates uncertainty during payroll cycles supporting employee contentment.    

Be Cash Flow Ready, Cash Flow Strong.TM